Monday, June 1, 2015

Goal Setting and Time Management

Our crew was the first in our Council to teach the new Venturing course called Goal Setting and Time Management. This course is a requirement for the new Discovery Award. The class was taught over 4 hours on a Saturday from 10 am till 2pm and included the perennial teen favorite pizza for lunch.

Let's get this out of the way.  This has little to do with the outdoors.  However, it has everything to do with leadership.  My primary role as a scout leader is leadership development. The Facilitator's Guide from the BSA Venturing page was used to develop a PowerPoint as a teaching medium. Handouts were distributed as recommended by the Facilitator's Guide. But this course could just as easily be taught on a backpacking trip. Maybe with laminated flip-pages in a notebook.

Course Facilitator's Guide

My first tip for using PowerPoint is that it's just something to look at.  Just put the high points on it don't put paragraphs of info on each page. This course should be in an open forum format with each item used as a discussion topic. With everyone engaged in the discussion, the participants will get some really useful tips on setting goals and using their time wisely.  It is my hope that they can use this information in school and in the management of the Crew, VOA, troop etc.

Advancement in the New Venturing ALPS model uses Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth and Service as targeted areas for requirements.

It is Requirement #4 under Leadership - Complete BSA goal setting–time management training course. This course also fits into Personal Growth as well.  I wished that I'd had a course like this when I was in high school.  These skills can give youth an edge in helping them achieve more in school and into college.

One other thing that is accomplished in this course is the setting of a personal goal.  This is also one of the requirements of the Discovery Award Requirement #7 under Personal Growth - Complete a structured personal reflection, and use this reflection and what you learned from the process to prepare for goal setting and as part of your Level II Award Advisor conference. Explore one of the following realms: “Adventures of Faith,”* “Adventures of Self,” and “Adventures of Others.”

Venturing ALPS model and new Award Requirements

Lessons Learned

After the course, the Crew President popped up and did a Start, Stop, Continue review of the class and came up with some items.

  1. The Crew members want to teach the course themselves next time.  This is awesome and what I expect them to do next time.  
  2. Find a way to incorporate team building games into the course.  Excellent idea!  The 10 minute breaks seemed to long.  
  3. They liked the pizza lunch didn't have to worry about what to choose.  Everyone brought their own favorite drink.  

Personally, this was one of the best classes I've taught.  We had fun and I advanced my skills as a presenter and facilitator.  The thing I get out of scouting is to push myself to always improve.

Mentoring for Venturing Crews is our next class.
Mentoring Facilitator's Guide

Your's in Venturing,
Advisor Tom

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